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Since its establishment in 2012, South Theatre Academy (STA) has been actively involved in addressing social injustices through the use of sports, filming and performing arts. STA has been active in mounting full length plays (theatre), dances and songs and organizing soccer tournaments among different South Sudan youth teams. So far STA has trained 200 youth in theatre and filming, organized 2 annual music and drama festivals, organized 2 soccer tournaments, and staged several community performances that make use of traditional songs, drumming and dances particularly the local traditional dances.

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Short ‘cameo’ scenes that demonstrate on a variety of possible responses to socio-economic and political issues affecting the marginalized people. The scenes are based on real experiences affecting women, children and youth.

Through performing arts, filming and soccer, STA confronts the public with problems facing both genders and brings pressure to bear on the society to change negative perceptions and attitudes towards South Sudan youth and culture. Today, STA operates a multi-faceted education programme that aims at increasing the awareness of gender issues, encouraging grassroots cultural expressions, and equipping other grassroots clubs to effectively campaign for social change.

In the recent South Sudan conflict, STA has helped in promoting peace through dialogue; reconciliation and trauma counseling by the use of performing arts among South Sudan refugees and those internally displaced.

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STA is committed to work for inter-ethnic and political reconciliation, progress and Unity among youth in South Sudan and in the diaspora through performing arts, sports and filming.

Main activities;

  • Annual talent show award
  • Quarterly football tournament
  • Beauty contest


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