It's about talent and keeping intelligence at greater heights as well.STA website writers last week urges Junubin who can write great poems or passing a great message to Junubin as long as it's non political can be send to them and shall be publish  here. Below is a message to fellow junubin artists  by your own artist who have dropped a musical mic and took a new turn to enjoy the fruits of education we learn in school for a nation for long had been hidden behind the clouds of war and social injustice.

I'm so happy for you guys cause you are working so hard to unite our people musically. And I hope one day you guys will  thwart tribalism and unite our people.

But, I'm solicitude for you guys to study. Go to school so that you will write a pragmatic lyrics. I know that we are facing financial crisis, but if you have a chance,  please don't lost it. And I know we barry according to our backgrounds, some of us come from penniless familes while some of us come from rich families.

Urging you to study doesn't mean that I'm against your job (music),  but I want you to do both of them together cause music is your talent. Why would you quit it? Go to school and let music be your part time job. 
Later on when music fails, it is gonna be easy for you to find a job.


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