The power for the successful liberation of the South Sudanese people is solely based on the willingness of our youth to use peaceful, non-violent and anti-tribal methods to end this conflict. We cannot expect the very hand that killed our mothers, sisters, brothers and elders to lead us into a peaceful future (both government and rebels). The power to end tribal hatred is in the hands of the South Sudanese youth. And so is the power to end the conflict. We must distant ourselves from the violent nature of politics we are subjected to, in order to avoid the mental enslavement.

We cannot sit at home behind our computers, and fancy phones constantly posting about wanting to end the conflict, while we also at the same time engage ourselves in the blame game for the current predicament the country has been plunged in to, yet don’t want to physically do something to end the conflict. That’s a cowardice act.

Our fore heroes did not sacrifice their lives fighting a common enemy to liberate our people so we can turn against each other. They would be very disappointed to see us choose greed and violence over our peaceful wellbeing.

We are all relatives, regardless of our tribes, or political affiliations. We share the same blood. We share the same skin color. We share a common struggle. And we carry the same interests for a peaceful South Sudan. Therefore, I urge all of you to stand against tribalism that our fathers and uncles have subjected us to. We must unite and stand firm against the tribal injustices we are going through. We must come together as we carry the same dream, to live in a peaceful country.

We must unite our communities and make them understand the importance of peace. We must educate our communities that we can all co-exist, prosper, develop, and be successful as one big family of over sixty tribes. We must guarantee our children and little siblings a promising future.

Right now! Right now is the time to make that positive change!


By Deng Forbes

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