Dear foreign countries,
We (South Sudanese) are truly sorry for bugging you in your respective countries. We are sorry for coming to your countries in large numbers looking for a safe place to stay in while we try to fix our problems back home. We are very sorry for being too much in need of your help.
We are sorry for overpopulating your countries.
And we are sorry for having the worse leaders in the region. The leaders who are too greedy to put our people's interests forth.
We are truly sorry, especially to Kenyans, who have been extremely nice to us, and to the few Kenyans who grew tired of us.
And to Ugandans, and Ethiopians, we are sorry for having the most problems in the region.
And also not forgetting the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, UK and the rest of the countries affected by our current conflict.

But we do promise you this, we shall solve our problems soon regardless the magnitude of our conflict. We are very strong at heart, and we believe in the impossible, we may fight but we are quick to shake hands and move forward.
Currently, we are having a slight misunderstanding that escalated too fast, but it shall be ended soon. We are very hopeful that our country will one day enjoy everlasting peace, just like the rest of the countries.
Trust us, we are working towards ending the current violence in our country. I can't promise you that we will leave your countries for good once peace comes back home, but we will all go back to build our country. And you'll all be welcome and be treated with absolute kindness and hospitality.

Therefore, just be patient with us for now.

Yours truly,
 South Sudanese child.

By Deng Forbes

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