The day has been long and you’re finally going to bed. This moment of intimacy that only you and your beddings understand. A stretch here and there before slipping into your jammies- that bus ride, damn, for a moment you thought you were going to Wau, but you’re home now and well fed too. Inhale, exhale and aah! It feels like forever since you got into bed. A quick prayer and you dose off.

Just as you’re getting warm and comfy, your phone rings, a loud buzz that can scare the devil away. Blast your ring tone for being that loud and curse whoever is calling you this early, it’s almost midnight! With a sigh you stretch your hand and lift your phone up, check the caller ID before making any decisions. The phone light is blinding so you squint, damn, it’s a blocked number. You curse the caller again because now your curiosity is getting the best of you.



‘Um, hallo, is this Nancy?’

It had to be man you think. You’re tempted to say no and see where this convo would go but you’re too tired, so you say yes.

‘Who I’m I speaking to?’

‘It’s Steve, we met on Saturday at that...’

You don’t remember any Steve but that’s not the point, where he got your number from is.

‘Aah, that doesn’t matter Nancy. So, are you asleep?’

So now you’re there on your bed wondering what to do, cursing the person who decided to be a contact distributor. Then you suddenly remember him, his voice has become familiar and you chuckle remembering how you really tried to avoid him but you frown because he now ‘gotcha!’

 And this brings us to the hot topic, when you reject a guy but somehow he thinks you’re in for a no expert but correct me if I’m wrong, junubi men don’t recognize the word NO, it’s not a vocabulary to them neither an answer. I won’t preach the ‘when a girl says no she means no’, I’d like to believe that its sunk deep in us, for those who are ignorant, oh well, there’s nothing much we can do about that.

Unfortunately I think south Sudanese guys need that body breaking lecture, when she says NO, leave her alone. And yes, if she was interested in you, you would know- there are too many signs to be seen but that’s for another day. Today we discuss you-gents.

 There are a few things I’d like to make clear my dear gents, these statements that you use, drop them.


1.We are brothers and sisters

I’m not in the habit of giving out my number unless you are of significant value and wait for it-drum rolls please- if I like you. So if she likes you, she will give you her number.

This thing called ‘we are brothers and sisters’ I’d like to understand it, so we are both junubi, great. It doesn’t mean I’ll give you my number. What if you’re psycho?

2.We come from the same state

I’m avoiding to laugh at this one, it gets me all the time. It doesn’t matter where you come from, if she doesn’t like you, she just doesn’t.

3.There’s something I need to tell you in private

Honestly, unless you’re telling her that someone hacked into her bank account, I see no need for private chit chat. I mean why do you waste so much time? You find her seated alone yet you can’t tell her what you want, like seriously, get real or go home.

4.Anonymous calls

First I’ll start with a shout out to that guy whose quick to distribute numbers, you’re lucky your identity is always hidden or you’d have another thing coming.

Secondly, ladies, I know you have suffered from this. That guy calls and you can swear on what’s dear to you that you have never met him.

They are calculative, they call at odd hours and ask if you’re alone if they’re ‘clever’, they hide the caller ID.

Don’t be a coward, reveal yourself. She won’t bite

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