"NOT going anywhere, burn my country to ashes, no matter the dollar crisis. NOT being A REFUGEE anymore"   remarked by Crazy Fox. 

Pain is a relatively objective, physical  phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. This song below "ANA GAID" it's more of a prophet message. Let's learn to share a shadow, a smile and think of living in our own country rather than seeking refuge. Crazy Fox salute the fallen Solidiers mentioning his fellow great musician late LIL JAY (JUK MAYIIK) who died in the line of duty. This song entails what a patriotic junubin artist he is to his Country.


ANA GAID by Crazy Fox featuring the South Sudan Dance Aacadmy dancers.

 We eat to live and UN grabbed the slogan to satisfy refugees needs, where several souls were molded to greater beings under scarce resources with minimal opportunities attached to the chances of grabbing a room under UN wings. Apart from getting free food and education they gave other opportunities to go to better develop countries for a better living which wasn't an opportunity to all refugees. We got our very own artist(Lazzoh Dee) who felt what every great human is craving for and that's appreciation and below is the video where he expressed out his most desiring feelings and urge to appreciate UNITED NATIONS for being there for refugees mostly in KAKUMA AND DADAAB.


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