ROSS WEAR was founded by a Deng 'Forbes' Paul and Amos Arthur in 2014. It was started to address the street desires for a causal attire representing South Sudan. The first edition consisted of works of art created by Deng , a picture of a crying baby, depiciting the pain of the ongoing conflict and the effects it had on the child. The picture was sold to PUSH Organisation.

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1.The clothing line seeks to make a different mark in the clothing industry by their unique designs.

2.The brand also seeks to access a broader market beyond Kenya and South Sudan.

3.The brand seeks to make a difference in society by not only dressing people but also adressing community issues through community service.

4.ROSS wear is seeking to hire creavite and professional staff who have something different to share.

5.Peace is an essential factor globally and the brand seeks to use unifying symbols on their clothes

6Lastly, a name and mark in South Sudan is the ultimate goal.





Cherish is a blog run by one of the South Theatre Academy memebers. The blog seeks to explore the fashion industry and promote fashion in South Sudan in a different way.

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Endurance is a captivating website by yet another South Theatre Academy mamber. 

The website has particular interests in promoting peace and socialism in south Sudan through acting movies, promoting underground south musicians and exploring the beauty of art in general. If you want your artistic skills and captivating music to be noticed click the link below for more info.  

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