It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself


You see her walking swiftly in her 4 inch heels, perfume so sweet it’s competing with air and that million dollar smile she can’t afford to leave behind. You don’t need clarification on who she is. She is a man as many people say. Her clothes well tailored and pressed you can swear they’d fit no one else better. She is focused, intimidating to some, a go getter and doesn’t know how to slow down. She is the woman we love to hate.

After work, she runs home, her children, her husband and house. She is expected to cook and clean. She stands at the corner of the house and collects herself before she gets into a rampage. Her selfless duties begin. Running here and there, attending to every ones needs. She neglects her back ache, her headache or foot ache. She slaves and when she puts her back to rest, she is considered lazy.

She’s the one who will lock herself in a room or sit in a corner once a year on that specific date and mourn afresh. She is the changed woman, too grumpy and moody nowadays. People don’t want to understand that she once carried a child, she once raised one but maybe in another life they will be together again. People don’t want to understand that 3 more children can’t replace the one that passed because she will always be a mother.

We can’t forget the mother who has no child but has raised many. She defines pure love and strength because not everyone will raise someone’s child and her sons and daughters celebrate her everyday.

We always celebrate mothers day oblivious that someone somewhere has lost a mother or that someone somewhere has lost a child, this mothers day, we celebrate all mothers no matter where they are, and their situation.




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