SOUTH THEATRE ACADEMY Is an organization that brings together young gifted South Sudanese living in South Sudan and in diaspora,particularly Kenya. The organization is a registered community based organization (CBO) in Kenya.

It was established in 2012 with the mission of transforming and empowering young people (both men and women) positively through creation of opportunities in the sectors of Arts,Culture and Sport.

Our programmes provide an essential additional element of communication activities of translating information and education into action oriented options through motivational processes that reflect,in culturally relevant terms,hope,values and traditions of South Sudanese People.

Since our main Objectives  is to nurture creative’s in the Art and sports  areas , South Theatre Academy is committed to making a difference among South Sudanese communities by highlighting the issues affecting the society through MUSIC, DRAMA, POETRY, DANCE, FILMS, FASHION and to use Sports such as soccer and basketball to bring South Sudanese youth together irrespective of the ethnic, religion and political affiliations throughout the year and organizes a yearly final gala for Awarding the best in those sectors.

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